PlanBe is a supported self-care programme for people living with cancer.

First of all a warm welcome to any new visitors to our site.

We hope that you will find this useful and easy to understand.

We know that people trying to find a way to live with their cancer face many difficult decisions and we have tried to make sense of the many options that face you and make them a little easier.

Please read the overview to get an understanding of what the PlanBe programme involves and then explore the sections on Body; Spirit and Mind; Diet and Supplements; Complementary Therapy; Resilience and Empowerment; and Medical Therapy.

We have added some key tips and tools to help you with your decisions.

As you go through this process. you can choose options that appeal to you and put them together in a day-by-day health and well-being plan and we explain how you can do this in the section called My PlanBe

Good luck!

Please let us know how you are getting on, leave comments, suggest additional topics for us to address.

PlanBe Team

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